Here are 5 factors to consider when buying energy efficient appliances

Research indicates that an average home causes more air pollution than cars! The reason is that most energy that we use in our home, we get it from the power plants. Power plants burn fossil fuel to provide power to our home electric appliances. Air pollution is caused by burning fossil fuels. We should use energy efficient appliances in our house. It will not only save energy, but it will save your money as well. The outside appearance of home appliances is same. But they vary on operating costs and energy efficiency. You can protect the environment by replacing your old appliances with the energy efficient ones. Here are some tips on buying energy efficient appliances.


Size and style

You need to buy an appliance that will fit in your kitchen space. There should be enough room to open the door and lid to allow for ventilation.

Purchase price and energy use

It is not important how much money you save by buying an appliance up front. It is more important to save money in the long run. So, it is advisable that even if an appliance is expensive but very energy efficient, then you should buy it.

Get the energy saving offers

You get different incentives for buying energy saving equipment. For example, cash rebates, low interest loans, etc. Claim these incentives.

Read the Energy Guide label

The guide proves annual estimation of energy consumption of the appliance. This helps you to compare brands and buy the one that saves more energy.

Check out the Energy Star logo

Appliances having this logo are more energy efficient than the other models. So, you should consider buying these appliances.

By using energy efficient appliances, it is possible to save up to $400 per year on your electricity bills. So, it’s time that you replace your appliances with the energy efficient ones.

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