Lighting bridges the gap between necessity and amenity in our modern life. Professionals and homeowners depend on lighting regularly. Lighting gives comfort, security and safety. It now also represents an artistic sensibility. It is used as home décor. Lighting has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We, at Right Light 6, provide the following services.

Indoor lighting


We specialize in LED lights. Our lighting has a blend of design and energy efficiency. It gets easily integrated to any ceiling or wall. As the lights use LED bulbs, less energy is consumed.The design of the lights are suitable for modern bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use it in any other room. The lights are adaptable to any room layout.

Outdoor lighting


Outdoor lighting is an important part of the landscape design. It provides security and safety. It points out the homeowner or business owner’s attention to features of their buildings that they want to highlight. Landscape lights bring back life in gardens, decks and pathways. Landscape lighting in houses sets up the environment for all night activities, like gossiping or strolling in the garden. Moon lighting is very demanding for outdoor lighting. It is installed on high tree branches and angled downwards for creating a moonlight effect. This results in formation of rich shadow patterns and enhances the natural beauty of the outdoors.

We provide lighting solutions for all. We make sure that our lighting solutions are energy efficient, so that it saves our customer’s money on electric bills and at the same time, conserve energy.